Building Energy Simulation – Heating and Cooling Load

Building energy simulations are our best engineering tools to predict building energy consumption. In order to simulate a building on a computer, the appropriate software is needed. We are using the In-House Software BIM HVACTool AddOn Energy.

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Load Design is used to determine:
  • Air conditioning loads
  • The amount of cooling/heating energy
  • Volumetric air flow requirements
  • Equipment capacities
  • Supply Temperatures
Energy-Analysis or Energy-modeling is used to:
  • Predict the monthly energy consumption and bills
  • Predict the annual energy cost
  • Annual CO2 emmissions
  • Compare and contrast different efficiency options
  • Determine life cycle payback on various options


Questions about Building Energy Simulation focus in Heating and Cooling Loads?

What do I need before I get started with Energy Modeling

    • Building location and geometry,
    • Building materials,
    • U-values / g-Values,
    • Shading coefficients,
    • All interior load values,
    • Occupant numbers and activity level